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Christmas 2016


Decorating for Thanksgiving Dinner

Easter 2015

 photo WhyIbelieveinsantaclaus.jpg

Our First Easter At Our Lake Wynonah Home 2014


Thanksgiving 2013
All of my grandchildren and me
So much to be thankful for!


Me and my gorgeous daughters!
Thanksgiving 2013

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Christmas 2011

                                    Christmas2011 album on Photobucket

Our Autumn Home

Thanksgiving 2012

Autumn, the time to bake Apple Pie

Jardinami's 60th Birthday Celebration 2011

                                    Dianes 60th Birthday album on Photobucket

                                    Time Capsule 2011 An Amazing Year Of Blessings album on Photobucket

dividers photo: dividers dividers.jpg

Click To Listen:"The Power Of One"

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