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Abby's 13th and Jacob's 11th joint Birthday Party

Jami's 35th Birthday Party

Happy 8th Birthday Princess Maggie

Our Valentine's Day Tea Party 2015

Grandchildren loving their chocolate!

My wonderful new neighbors and I

We had a lovely tea party and luncheon

Roses, doves, and hearts decorate our stairway

Granddaughters baked a heart shaped cake and cookies

Granddaughter loving her chocolate strawberries

Kids love a chocolate fountain

Granddaughter baked linzer tarts with me last night

Valentine Party Decor

Our chocolate fountain

Scrumptious Chocolate fountain delites!

Valentine Decor

Oh for the love of mobile devices

A nice surprise gift from my neighbors/friends Kathy and Patty



Lily and Gabe Joint Party 2012

Singing Happy Birthday To Maggie!

Maggie's Seventh Birthday Party At Our New Home In Lake Wynonah

Maggie's Birthday Celebration At The Fulton Steamboat Inn, and The Olive Garden Lancaster PA

Granddaughter Maggie's 6th Birthday Party

My extremely talented daughter Jamiann put together a marvelous Wizard of Oz party for her youngest child Maggie.  Maggie's daddy worked very hard to help Jami pull it all off...two devoted and wonderful parents! Jami not only baked a Glinda cake,dozens of delicious cupcakes, and decorated them beautifully, but she made Hors d'oeuvres including her tasty stuffed mushrooms.  She cooked and served an Italian Main Course of meatballs, sausage and peppers, and baked ziti served with a variety of cheeses and fresh hot Italian bread.  

Guests came from Maggie's school, and far off places like Lansdale, Effort, Bath, Bethlehem, Easton, and Wilkes Barre PA and Alpha, NJ.  Everyone said they had a fantastic time with an abundance of delectable dishes and interesting conversation.

The children played four games that included musical chairs and pin the tail on Toto with prizes handed out to the winners.  They all seemed to really enjoy themselves. Maggie's daddy was the DJ for the party playing tunes from the 1939 classic The Wizard of Oz.

Happy Birthday Dear Maggie, Happy Birthday To You!

BlogsBy_Dunwell's A Sixth Birthday Party For Granddaughter Maggie album on Photobucket

Abigayle and Jacob's Joint Birthday Party 2012

                                    Joint Birthday Abby and Jacob album on Photobucket

Maggie's 5th Birthday Party

Notice off to the left my Hibiscus bloomed for the day.

 The Valentine's Tea Party and Brunch was a huge hit!  The grandkids arrived dressed in their finest outfits and Princess dresses.  They were so thrilled to see the decorations and treats.  All were hungry and so willing to eat their picnic brunch of comfort food, crock pot of chili, and oven baked macaroni and cheese, and then on to the delightful desserts.  I baked cupcakes, and Linzer Tarts.  I made homemade heart shaped sugar cubes for the tea.  We had tea, cocoa, and root beer to drink. Jamiann made mini marshmallows dipped in white chocolate and then heart shaped sprinkles for the cocoa.

After dinner they danced to the sounds of Nat and Alex former Naked Brothers Band, Katy Perry's Fireworks, Lady Gaga, Owl City's Fireflies,  and Hot Chele Rae-Tonight. 

All my hard work and preparation didn't go unnoticed either, besides the ooos and aaaas, I received some nice Valentine's Day gifts.  My husband Roger gave me the lovely pink roses in the pictures and a Russell Stover Heart Box of chocolates, Jennifer and family gave me the top and scarf, and Jamiann and family gave me a pink scented candle.  What a wonderful day today was for my family and me.  I am blessed!

For the recipe for the Linzer Tarts click here: Linzer Tarts
To learn how to make the basket cupcakes or heart shaped sugar cubes click here:  Cupcakes & Sugar Cubes
To learn how to make extraordinary marshmallows to top off a nice cup of hot chocolate click here Mallows With Pizzazz

Diane's 60th  Birthday Party

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